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Delegate voting at the IUF Congress.
Delegate voting on the first day of the IUF congress.

Watch IUF 25th Congress videos on YouTube

This website includes, among other things decisions taken by congress, video interviews with participants, and texts of speeches given. It is being updated throughout the day, every day while congress is in session. There is additional coverage of the congress in English and in Spanish here.

Tell Coke very worker counts

Unanimous vote in support of Coca-Cola workers.

Photo: Delegates vote unanimously in support of backing Coca-Cola workers.

A resolution submitted by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents around 14,000 CCE and Coca-Cola workers in the USA was unanimously supported by the Congress.

Full details are here.

Agricultural Land and Police Violence in West Bengal

The 25th IUF Congress:

CONDEMNS the slaughter of villagers protesting against Government seizure of agricultural land in Nandigram by police and ruling party goons. On March 14 at least 31 villagers were shot dead. Many women were raped, innumerable bodies (including children) have disappeared.

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IUF calls for repeal of emergency regulations in Sri Lanka, release of all detainees

The 25th IUF Congress:

Notes the dangerous trend towards the creation of a Police State which has arisen under President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Emergency Regulations under which abductions, disappearances and arbitrary detentions have occurred including the abductions of trade unionists and journalists;

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IUF condemns police brutality, denial of rights in China

The 25th IUF Congress:

NOTES that seven farmers who led protests defending their land in Guangdong province were detained and brutally beaten by the police. They had their crops destroyed, were charged with extortion in December 2006 and had their lawyers barred from entering the court.

CONDEMNS this police brutality and the shocking denial of legal rights.

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L'Internationale sera le genre humain!

The 25th IUF Congress ended in Geneva with the traditional singing of the working class hymn, "The Internationale" -- delegates sang in their own languages, clenched fists raised. You can watch this video and many more on the IUF 25th Congress YouTube page.

For more information about "The Internationale" including lyrics in different languages, click here.

Three more interviews added

On the final day of the IUF 25th congress we interviewed three more participants:

Aliaksandr Yarashuk, from the Belarus Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions
Mark Lauritsen, from the UFCW in North America
Branislav Canak, from Nezavisnost in Serbia

All the videos can be seen on YouTube.