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Defence of the food sovereignty of peoples

Congress passed this resolution:

Defining Food Sovereignty as the right of people to define their own sustainable policies and strategies for the production, distribution and consumption of food, to guarantee food for the whole population.

- That economic openness consolidated a model of exclusion and disposal of the
national wealth, where imports increased unemployment and crushed national
- That countries which in the past were self-sufficient in food are now desperate to
obtain foreign currencies to pay for imports of agricultural products.
- That the ruling agrarian development model, based on export-oriented monocultural
agro-business has driven a process of concentration of land and income.
- That in the name of “modernity and productivity”, it is encroaching on public land,
areas occupied by traditional populations and family farmers, causing extremes of
social exclusion and poverty.
- That to this must be added the severe degradation of the environment by the
indiscriminate use of pesticides and because the estate in its thirst for further
expansion is extending the boundaries of agriculture to the detriment of woods and
- That the inherent brutality of the model and its new methods, together with the
impunity that reigns in the rural environment, causes thousands of murders - as is the
case in Brazil - and millions of displaced persons, as happens in Colombia.
- That to this background of violence, we must add the excessive exploitation of
labour, the precariousness of work including its most abhorrent forms, such as slave
- That the mass planting of the African palm and eucalyptus in Latin America, Asia
and Africa is causing the extinction of thousands of jobs, degradation of the
environment, a general exhaustion of natural resources and extermination of family
- That the production of bio fuels based on sugar cane, the African palm and soya, is
giving rise to an intensive process of agrarian counter reform.
- To promote the idea, aims and challenges of fighting to protect Food Sovereignty.
- To strengthen and intensify the fight for Agrarian Reform, while at the same time
taking action to defend and strengthen Family Farming, preserve the environment,
combat violence and impunity in rural areas and pursue decent standards of living
and working conditions.
- To make a vital contribution to the development of an Alternative Project for
Sustainable Mutual Rural Development, developed and implemented by farmers’
and farm workers’ trade unions and organizations.
- To reflect and act on the impact on the world of work, society and the
environment of African palm plantations in their new role as a source of bio fuels,
eucalyptus for the paper industry and sugar cane for the production of ethanol.