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International Framework Agreements

Congress passed this resolution:

Consolidation in the industries in which IUF members work has continued apace over the last congress period, with an ever smaller number of global players dominating.

Evidence shows that the only certain outcome of this trend is downward pressure on the terms and conditions of all workers in these industries. Business continues to exploit low-cost countries with poor labour rights and this is something that the IUF believes must not be allowed to continue.

Trade Union membership has been proved to be the only sure way for workers to protect their interests, but this is a right increasingly denied to workers around the world. This congress believes that the IUF can play a key role in supporting workers’ rights around the world by negotiating International Framework Agreements (IFAs), with a view of establishing relationships at a global level i.e. as with Coca Cola.

IFAs are not a panacea to the problems facing workers but, if done properly, can provide a positive outcome in protecting workers rights and more importantly developing strong solidarity between IUF affiliates with members in the same multinational companies.

The 25th IUF Congress meeting in Geneva, March 19-22, 2007, calls on the IUF to;

· Work with affiliates to identify specific targets for IFA campaigns.

· Ensure that in any IFA and recognition campaign all affiliates affected are fully involved.

· Ensure that affiliates take responsibility to campaign and organise the workforce of a MNC as part of any IFA campaign in target companies.

· Work with affiliates to develop clear models of best practice for the initiation, negotiation, content and enforcement of any IFA.