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Migrant workers

Congress passed this resolution:

The 25th IUF Congress meeting in Geneva, March 19-22, 2007

RECALLING the composite resolution on migrant and immigrant workers adopted at the IUF 24th World Congress;

WELCOMING work done so far to implement the resolution in particular the drafting
of the IUF Charter of rights for migrant workers in agriculture and the development of
a publication to inform and mobilise IUF affiliates on migrant workers issues;
FURTHER WELCOMING activities undertaken by some affiliates to defend, protect
and organise migrant workers;
NOTING that many IUF sectors depend on migrant workers and that for unions to
represent effectively workers in the sector they have to recruit and assist migrant
ALSO NOTING that irregular migration continues to increase and that many lives
have been lost by unscrupulous transporters putting profits before safety;
FURTHER NOTING that women migrant workers are particularly vulnerable to
exploitation and abuse;
ALSO NOTING that migrant workers are often controlled by labour contractors who
require them to work in many different sectors.
This 25th IUF Congress, meeting in Geneva, March 19-22, 2007 therefore
CALLS FOR the endorsement and adoption of the Charter of rights for migrant
workers in agriculture by the whole IUF;
CALLS ON IUF to expand the activities begun in amongst IUF affiliates in Central
Asia to construct bipartite and multilateral international cooperation agreements
between IUF affiliates in the countries of origin and destination. These agreements
should specify the responsibilities of both home and host country unions to protect
migrant workers;
RECOGNISES that the IUF Reciprocity agreement has only a limited use in assisting
migrant workers who come from sectors outside of the IUF's jurisdiction but
welcomes the underlying principles of solidarity in the international union card. To
make the card as useful as possible, the language should be simplified and it should
be made available on the IUF members only part of the web site and translated into
as many languages as possible. Part of the web site should be dedicated to assisting
migrant workers;
FURTHER RECOGNISES that both assisting migrant workers to claim their rights
and assisting trade unions to recruit and organise migrant workers require
specialised skills. IUF should therefore examine the possibility of establishing IUF
migrant workers' organisers (along the model developed for the food services work);
STATES that fighting against racism and xenophobia have to be key elements of our
work to defend and organise migrant workers.