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IUF condemns police brutality, denial of rights in China

The 25th IUF Congress:

NOTES that seven farmers who led protests defending their land in Guangdong province were detained and brutally beaten by the police. They had their crops destroyed, were charged with extortion in December 2006 and had their lawyers barred from entering the court.

CONDEMNS this police brutality and the shocking denial of legal rights.

DEMANDS that the Chinese government:

RELEASE the farmers, immediately and unconditionally;

STOP forced land eviction;

GUARANTEE all accused the right to legal representation as a basic principle of justice.

CALLS UPON IUF and its affiliates to campaign for these demands and to support their defence of their means of livelihood.

submitted by:
Catering and Hotels Industries Employees General Union
Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Employees General Union