Geneva, 29 August - 1 September 2017
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Delegates begin to debate key issues, highlight IUF campaigns

Myrtle Witbooi, President of the International Domestic Workers Federation, speaks — one of two invited guests. She speaks of the history of the domestic workers’ movement from 2006. 24 countries have now ratified the ILO domestic workers’...

Ron Oswald opens IUF congress with call to organise, fight and win

IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald has welcomed former IUF President Willy Vijverman and former General Secretary Dan Gallin to the congress. He introduced the Secretariat’s Reports with a powerful speech. He explains why he uses the term “comrade” instead of...

Over 500 delegates and observers attend IUF congress

IUF Vice President Héctor Morcillo from the Federación de Trabajadores de la Industria de la Alimentación (Argentina) opens the morning session. IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald makes some announcements. Norberto Latorre from the Unión de Trabajadores del Turismo,...

The 27th IUF congress opens in Geneva

The first session of the IUF congress has begun. Hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries on every continent have filled the hall. Union banners hang from all the walls. The session was opened by the IUF’s President, Hans-Olof Nilsson, a trade union leader from...

Timetable of the Congress and the related Conferences

Date Time Meeting Room

Aug. 26

09:30-17:30 IUF Women’s Conference
(Closed meeting)

Aug. 27

09:00-12:45 IUF Conference:

Young Workers – our unions, our IUF, our future


Aug. 27

14:15-17:45 IUF Conference:

Our common struggle for rights and equality – organizing, fighting and winning LGBTI workers’ rights


Aug. 28

09:30-17:00 IUF Administrative Committee Meeting followed by the 27th Congress Resolutions Committee

(Closed meeting)


Aug. 28

14:00-17:00 Women’s Workshop 3-4

Aug. 29

09:00-13:00 IUF Executive Committee Meeting 3-4

Aug. 29

15:00-18:00 IUF 27th Congress:

Opening session


Aug. 29

18:30-20:00 Reception hosted by the City and Canton of Geneva CICG terrace
Wed – Fri

Aug. 30 –
Sept. 1

daily starting time 09:00 Congress working sessions 1

Aug. 30

16:30-17:30 Congress adjourned
Regional electoral meetings

Aug 31

16:30-17:30 Congress adjourned
Women delegates meeting to constitute the new Women’s Committee

Sept. 1

directly following the end of Congress Formal meeting of the incoming Executive Committee 1

Welcome to the homepage of the IUF 27th World Congress

Here you will find information about the Congress and the related Women’s, Young Workers’ and LGBTI Conferences.

For all participants, please remember to download all available documents as we will be having a paper-free Congress and Conferences.

Please check this page periodically for updates.