Coca-Cola China violates agency workers' rights, students report says

According to a research report released by Chinese students, Coca-Cola China grossly violates the rights of agency workers in its operations.

In the report summary, students claim to "have investigated 5 bottling factories of China Coca Cola and 4 suppliers to the company. The report reflects that the most serious and most
intense problem is the use of agency workers. There are huge numbers of agency workers in the five bottling factories. These workers belong to the lowest rank in the workforce in Coca Cola company. Some agency workers don’t even have enough to eat. Agency workers do the most dangerous, most difficult, most tiring and dirtiest types of work. They also work the longest hours (up to  330 hours per month during peak season), with the lowest pay and their pay even gets deducted." (see the original report in Chinese).

Coca-Cola China, a company that takes big effort in keeping its image of being engaged in "Corporate Social responsibility", has claimed the charges are not true.

But students have noticed they are delighted that their action already has led to some improvements in the situation of agency workers.

Publicity channeled through academic research in the current situation is one of the few ways of breaking through the silence of a repressive regime and the corporate social responsibility fog bank, where no independent trade unions exist that could make sure that the abuse of precarious work is being stopped once and for all.