Website User Manual

The Coca-Cola workers worldwide website is a tool for rank and file union members, workers interested in labour issues, union officers – in short, for everyone on the labour side of Coca-Cola labour relations.

The website can be used to obtain information, but also to discuss with colleagues from all over the world and disseminate your stories about everything important for labour relations at the world’s biggest beverage company.

This is a step-by-step introduction to make it easy for you to read, comment, and get authorisation to put your own content on the website. You can also download this manual.

There are a number of way to use the website:

  1. Register on the site
  2. Find information relevant to you.
  3. Become a voluntary correspondent and post your own stories.
  4. Comment on other peoples stories
  5. Become a voluntary translator and help to translate stories into your local language
  6. Participate in polls  
  7. Discuss in the forums
  8. Send us proposals for improvement.

1. Login/register on the site

a) To make full use of the site, you have to be logged in. Just type your password and login in the fields on the right side of the start window. This allows you to access all content of the site (if your union is a member of the Coca-Cola Alliance).

b) Not yet a registered user? Click on the “Create new account” link below the login and password window. Fill in the form with your contact information and click submit. The site administrator will approve your registration as soon as possible.

c) Forgot your password? Click on the "request new password" link below the login form and provide your email address or login name. A new password will be sent to you.

2. How to find information relevant to you.

You can sort the information on the website by three ways:

a) Languages – there is an abundance of languages that Coke workers speak. Although the website cannot cover all of them, we try to make it as language-flexible as possible.
To sort articles by language, go to the start page and choose one of the languages provided in the upper left corner.
If your language is not listed, it means we are not actively working with your language yet.
Want to start communication in your language? Let us know – write to us and we will include your language as an option.

Articles that have been translated into different languages have languages buttons below the article so you can easily switch to the language convenient to you.

b) Issues: You can  sort articles by issues. Click on the Issues button in the upper central column and choose the topic you are interested in – only articles, forum contributions etc. related to this topic will appear in the main column.
Or, click on the issue link above any article related to the issue, and again all articles which carry the same link will be listed.

c) Regions and countries: The same works for the regions and countries buttons in the upper central column and above any article.

3. Becoming a voluntary correspondent

We invite union activists who want to tell stories from their union at Coke to write them up and publish on the website, and thus become voluntary correspondents to the website.
Obviously, this should be in line with the union’s publication policy. Therefore, voluntary correspondents need confirmation from their unions.
We strongly encourage Alliance affiliates to name us at least one voluntary correspondent.
You can find a form to confirm union activists as voluntary correspondents here.

4. How to comment

Just click “comment” below any story and follow the instructions. Comments by unregistered users will have to be approved by the administrator to avoid spam.
Always remember Netiquette – post only constructive and polite comments. Inadequate comments will be removed by site administrators.

5.How to help translating the site into your local language

We want the stories on the website to be available to Coca-Cola union members all over the world. However, in order to cover as many languages as possible – we need your help!
We are looking for voluntary translators , who could take up assignments to translate website news.
We strongly encourage Alliance affiliates to name us at least one voluntary translator.
You can find a form to confirm union activists as voluntary translators here.

6. How to participate in polls.

Click on “polls” in the upper menu of the website. All ongoing polls will open.
Click on the one that you would like to participate in
Click on the proposal you want to vote for, and then on the “vote” button.
Some a bit more elaborated polls might take you to a service called Just follow the instructions.

7. How to discuss in a forum

a. To participate in an existing forum:
- click on the joint the forum link.
- choose the forum you want to contribute to.
- choose the topic you would like to comment to, and proceed as in “4. How to comment”
- or define a new forum topic – click on the link on top of the page (below the forum name).

b. If you need a new forum – let us know and we will set it up!

8. Send us proposals for improvement.

is always welcome! Send your proposals through the contact form at the top of the page

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