ACCUP launches protest actions on April 25 which will continue until October 31 against the "Lies of Coke"

On 25 April ACCUP will launch the first of a series of revolving protest actions that will continue until 31 October. ACCUP is protesting jobs destruction under forced mass redundancies of sales workers, increased contractualization and outsourcing to replace regular jobs in manufacturing, the loss of wage bargaining rights and an unfair regime of performance appraisal and punishment that undermines job security.

The first protest on 25 April in front of the the Coca-Cola Mecauayan plant in Manila will oppose the abolition of the positions of 160 union members at five sales offices in Greater Manila who will be forced to agree to redundancy or transfer to union exempt positions on 1 May. This is the first step in the company's "Project Dragon Fly" that will lead to over 200 redundancies by the end of May and "Project Everest" will destroy up to 1,000 jobs nation-wide by the end of August.

Under the protest banner "Coke Lies", ACCUP is also denouncing the lies told by Coca-Cola Philippines in the last six months to avoid any meaningful negotiations on the current restructuring, treating unilateral announcements of new policies as "union consultations", and making false assurances that left unions unprepared for the company's jobs destruction drive. Completely disregarding collective agreements still in force, union members are being forced to participate in online tests and a series of assessments, effectively reapplying for their jobs. Union members have now learned that even those who passed these tests will still end up in the "involuntary separation program (ISP)", i.e., forced redundancy.
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