The IUF protests imposed mass redundancies at Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines

The Coca-Cola Workers Alliance meeting in Geneva expressed deep concern to learn that a unilateral announcement by Coca-Cola FEMSA of mass redundancies is affecting 570 members of the Federation of Coca-Cola unions' (FCCU) sales workforce in the Philippines.

Coca-Cola FEMSA had failed to mention plans for these redundancies at the regular FCCU meeting with national management on 26 October 2017. On January 29 2018, the company abruptly summoned the FCCU President to a meeting to announce the unilateral restructuring decision cutting 30% of the sales workforce under the pretext of a new imposed business model.

This mass dismissal of hundreds of workers includes 4 union presidents and 15 union officers from 3 FCCU-affiliated unions. We view Coca-Cola FEMSA's failure to provide timely information about the mass redundancies and engage in good faith negotiations with FCCU a violation of the company's obligation under the OECD guidelines to provide reasonable notice of mass lay-offs to the union and co-operate with FCCU to mitigate to the maximum extent practicable adverse effects of the restructuring.

In addition to our ongoing international support to the independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, the IUF, together with its members representing Coca-Cola workers around the world, will support FCCU in any negotiations or actions they might take to defend jobs and their collective bargaining rights and to mitigate the impact of this savage restructuring plan.

The Coca-Cola Workers Alliance members call on TCCC to urgently engage with Coca-Cola FEMSA to influence its bottler to enter into good faith negotiations with FCCU over issues surrounding this assault on employment and Filipino workers' rights and fulfill its obligations under the OECD guidelines.