Voluntary Correspondents - Short manual

Every day, thousands of small steps happen in building our global union. A new local is being formed somewhere, a collective grievance is solved, an improvement is won for the CBA. On the other hand, new questions and problems arise. And sometimes, even funny things happen.
Coke workers around the world want to know your stories!
Therefore, we are glad to welcome you as a voluntary correspondent of www.iuf.org/ccww!
And here’s how to become a correspondent and contribute to the site (download this manual):

  1. Voluntary correspondents should be named by their unions. Please ask your union to notify us about your nomination as a voluntary correspondent (use this form to confirm).
  2. Register on the website at http://www.iuf.org/drupal/?q=user/register.
    During registration, mark that you want to be voluntary correspondent.
    Don’t forget to add your small photo or icon – which will be shown every time you add content to the website!
    If you are already a registered user, just make your union send us the contact form and we’ll change your status.
    If you have problems – let us know.
  3. We’ll approve your status of voluntary correspondent once we’ve received the nomination from your union.
  4. After you have been approved as a voluntary correspondent you can add stories as follows:
    1. open the website
    2. log in with your user name and password
      (if you are not yet a registered user – fill in the registration form first!)
    3. Click on the add your own story. link in the left column
    4. A new window opens, where you can set up your story:
    5. Fill in the title and body of the story
    6. Choose issue and country/regions for the story, for example “outsourcing” or “Serbia”. This is important to enable readers to find your article when they sort by categories later.
      You can choose several items from one menu holding down the ctrl key while choosing.
    7. Choose a category for your audience as well. If you choose “Coke Alliance”, only registered members of the Coke Alliance will have access to this story!
    8. Important: in order to allow for later translations, choose a language.
    9. To upload pictures:

a) Click on File attachments and Upload pictures (they cannot be bigger than 1 mb!!! Better to have smaller pictures, as big pictures will take a long time to upload for users with slow connections. You can squeeze pictures with special programs, which are installed on almost every PC).

b) Save your story (submit).
When you have uploaded pictures, they appear as attachments, not yet as pictures in the story.

c) Click on the “edit/insert pictures” icon below the main text window. A small dialogue window opens. Enter the path of your picture which you can see below where the attachments are (something like /drupal/files/filename)

  1. Make sure your story will be published as you want: click “preview”
  2. If everything is ok, click submit.

That’s it! You can later edit, if you want, by going back to the story, and click the “edit” register card on top of it.

  1. Your story will have to be approved by the site administrator, which will be done as soon as possible.
  2. Languages: You can post stories in any language you wish, but please provide translation into one of the official IUF languages (English, Spanish, Scandinavian, French, German). We will provide translation into English from any of these.
    If your language is not yet available in the language menu, please let us know so we can add it to the respective menu.
  3. If you know several languages, you may also wish to become a voluntary translator for the site. The procedure is the same as for becoming a correspondent, and a special manual exists for how to do that.

Rules for Stories:

Stories can be about virtually anything happening at your workplace. Just think about what you would find interesting reading from other countries, and pick your stories according to this rule of thumb!
Occasionally, the Coca-Cola Alliance could also ask you for stories on specific topics and we’ll be happy to receive your feedback.

Of course, certain self-evident rules apply, so please remember that voluntary correspondents should make sure that

  • stories posted are true and reliable
  • stories are written in the interest of the affiliate(s) concerned
  • stories, if put up in other languages, should have a translation into one of the IUF’s official languages.
  • In order to prevent abuse, we will monitor the site and delete any story containing foul language or any racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory content.
  • This site is for and from Coca-Cola workers. We will therefore also prevent content that can be perceived as insulting to the workers around the world that produce, market, sell and ship products in the Coca-Cola system or potentially damage their fight for a better life.

The IUF reserves the right to remove stories at the request of affected affiliates or when they are violating the website’s publication principles.

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