Voluntary Translators - Short manual

Every day, thousands of small steps happen in building our global union. A new local is being formed somewhere, a collective grievance is solved, an improvement is won for the CBA. On the other hand, new questions and problems arise. And sometimes, you’d really like to share a story which is just great fun.

Coke workers around the world want to know what is going at their colleagues!
However, in order to spread the news in as many languages as possible,we need your help.

Therefore, we are glad to welcome you as a voluntary translator of www.iuf.org/ccww!

And here’s how to become a translator and contribute to the site:

(download this manual in pdf)

  1. Voluntary translators should be named by their unions. Please ask your union to notify us about your nomination as a voluntary translator (use this form to confirm).
  2. Register on the website at http://www.iuf.org/drupal/?q=user/register.
    During registration, mark that you want to be voluntary translator.
    Don’t forget to add your small photo or icon – which will be shown every time you add content to the website! 
    If you are already a registered user, just make your union send us the voluntary translator form and we’ll change your status.
    If you have problems with registration – please contact us.
  3. We’ll approve your registration, and status of voluntary translator once we’ve received the nomination from your union.
  4. After you have been approved as a voluntary translator you will regularly receive notifications of new stories that are up for translation on the site by email. Normally, stories are not longer than 1-2 pages.
  5. Please let us know if you want to take up an assignment
  6. In order to translate:
  1. open the website
  2.  log in with your user name and password
    (if you are not yet a registered user – fill in the registration form first!)
  3. Click on the story you want to translate
  4. Click on the register card “translation” on top of the story:
  5. Choose the language you want to translate into.
  6. Fill in the translation into title and body fields. Don’t change anything else.
  7. If the story contains hyperlinks, you can change these as follows:
    • Click on the “html”-button at the bottom of the body window. A new window will open which shows you the html-code of the story.
    • hyperlink has usually the form <a href="/drupal/www.link.org">the text marked blue</a> .
      You can change the text (enter the translation), or the link (enter a link leading to the translation of the original link).
      Click update to save you changes an return to the translation window.
      If you have difficulties, do not change the link but only translate the text of the hyperlink.
  1. Make sure your translation will be published as you want: click “preview”
  2. If everything is ok, click save.
    Done! You can later edit, if you want, by going back to the story, and click the “edit” register card on top of it.
  3. Languages: If you want to provide translations into a language which is not yet available in the language menu, please let us know so we can add it to the respective menu.
  4. If you do not only want to translate, but also contribute new stories, you may also wish to become a voluntary correspondent for the site. The procedure is the same as for becoming a translator, and a special manual exists for how to do that.

Rules for translations:

  • News items, and thus translations assignment, normally are not longer than 1-2 pages.
  • Voluntary translators will always be free to take on the assignment or turn it down when it is inconvenient for you at that moment.
  • However when taking up an assignment, they will be responsible for translating
    • fully,
    • truly
    • without changing the sense of the original article.
  • Only union activists with good language skills should volunteer to translate.

The IUF reserves the right to remove incorrect translations from the website.

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