Confronting job destruction in CCE Europe: Eureopan Coca-Cola Union discuss joint strategy

Dec. 10, Brussels. “Piecemeal” restructuring and the failure of CCE Europe management to provide the full picture of planned job cuts and reshufflings to the European Works Council, but also employee representatives in the respective countries were the main topic of a Coca-Cola Europe Union Coordination meeting organized by EFFAT in Brussels, Dec. 10.
Unions representatives from various countries voiced strong concern over the fact, that repeatedly the company first denied plans for restructuring and then shortly after announced them as a fait accompli, and tries to hide the real extent of ongoing and planned redundancies. As the bottler is quickly changing and more substantial centralization and streamlining projects are most probably in the pipeline, there is a strong need unions need to be provided with a full picture about restructuring plans.
However this is clearly not enough, but there is a need for joint and coordinated action in order to confront further piecemeal job losses and develop a strong position against job destruction which leads to work overload, and further casualisation of the workforce. Several delegates reported growing numbers of precarious workers. In this regard this discussion further feeds into the Global Alliances work against casualisation.
The meeting agreed on a number of coordinated measures in order to reinforce meaningful information and consultation, and formulate joint positions against the job destruction policy at CCE Europe. At an earlier EWC meeting, the EWC had formulated its position that it is fundamentally against various forms of precarious employment arrangements, including outsourcing,
use of labour agencies or labour-only hiring, 
hiring of temporary or contingent workers, and the abusive use of seasonal and probationary employment and traineeship.

Another important topic at the meeting were ongoing concerns about protection of employee representatives, in particular EWC members, at TCCC and its bottlers against discrimination. Any employee representative in Coca-Cola, who faces prejudicial treatment from his experience, can contact us here. We guarantee you full confidentiality.


In 2007, more than 400 workers protested in front of CCE HQ in Belgium


In 2007, more than 400 workers protested in front of CCE HQ in Belgium.





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