After several weeks of warning strikes German union NGG reaches a successful agreement

The IUF-affiliated German union NGG has been facing extensive restructuring with the closure of many Coca-Cola sites nationwide but even so more drinks are produced each year leading to an increase of productivity by employees of 13.5% from 2015 to 2016.

The NGG carried out warning strikes that lasted for a number of weeks across 36 sites in Germany during difficult negotiations which ultimately lead to a successful collective agreement to be signed by the NGG bargaining commission.

This agreement means almost 8000 workers will receive an increase of 2.2% in their pay while also receiving a training allowance. Furthermore, employees who left the business in 2017 due to structural measures will receive an increase of 100 Euro and new trainees will receive an increase of 50 Euro.

The NGG has also negotiated some regions a further 100 Euro increase from 2018 exclusively for its members and efforts are under way to establish a nationwide standard remuneration framework agreement.  


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