Canadian Soft Drink Workers Council pledges full support for the IUF's 'Zero Rights' campaign

The IUF International campaign delegation's tour of Canada ended at the annual meeting of the Canadian Soft Drink Workers Council in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  An international union delegation including Atra Narwanto and Lutfi Arifiyanto, the victimized leaders of independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia met union representatives from Coca-Cola plants throughout Canada.

Canadian Soft Drink Workers Council members were shocked to learn the details of ongoing rights violations at Coca-Cola operations in the Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Ireland, the US and Spain. All 63 delegates from 5 unions that represent Coca-Cola workers in Canada pledged full support to the IUF's international "Zero Rights" campaign and demanded that the company ensures that these abusive situations are remedied as a matter of urgency.

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