Coca-Cola Christmas truck meets IUF's Zero Rights campaign

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck touring Switzerland the first weekend in December met up with the reality of Coca-Cola's abusive practices in countries around the world.

Thanks to IUF leaflets at the Montreux Christmas market large numbers of visitors were able to read leaflets contrasting Coca-Cola's lavishly promoted "Christmas spirit" and the harsh reality for Coca-Cola workers in many countries around the world including Indonesia, Haiti, the Philippines, Ireland, the USA and Spain.

IUF general secretary Sue Longley commented, "Coca-Cola invests large resources in advertising at this time of year, but the stark contrast between the image it promotes at Christmas and the reality for workers in many countries could not be greater. Coca-Cola's Christmas promotion may only last a few weeks, but the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign will continue for as long as it takes for the Company to remedy its ongoing abuses".

Please find the following Christmas leaflets for the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign in respective languages  English, French and German.


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