Guatemala: We are taking the greatest precautions

Interview with Erick Oliva, general secretary of Sitraabasa

The Union of Food and Beverage Workers Atlántida SA (Sitraabasa) has managed to establish and maintain a good dialogue with Coca-Cola FEMSA, in the framework of the pandemic unleashed worldwide by COVID-19.

"The company has implemented the main preventive measures issued by the national authorities in coordination with the Union. We all have personal protective equipment, such as masks, soap and water, antibacterial gel and physical distancing. Also, everyone is looking for how to take preventive measures when they get home, "said Erick Oliva.

"Apart from that, as a Union we requested that the company take additional precautions for people at higher risk in case of contagion, such as those over 60, diabetics and pregnant women," he added.

"In the case of pregnant workers, they were granted indefinite leave with pay, while of the 6 people over 60, two decided to leave the company and start their retirements. For people with diabetes, their glucose levels have been constantly monitored, and some of them decided to request vacations.

According to the data that the government is providing, it seems that the pandemic has been contained at the national level. In the case of Food and Drinks Atlántida (Femsa), so far no worker has tested positive and sales have remained at 90 percent. This allows us to guarantee job stability and to look with some confidence towards the future" explained Oliva.

The Sitraabasa general secretary took the opportunity to thank the IUF Latin America region and Felatrac for always being aware of the situation of the union and its members.

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