Uruguay: Coca-Cola union takes action against the Federation of Beverage Transporters

The IUF-affiliated Coca-Cola Workers Union (STCC) reported a stoppage of activities as a result of abuses by the representatives of Fetrabe (Federation of Beverage Transporters). While disrespecting the CBA, Fetrabe applies unilateral economic discounts, changes in operations, disciplinary sanctions against workers and a constant attempt to attack the union.

For these reasons, our affiliate resolved to organize a total stoppage of activities throughout the country for 24 hours.

At the end of the stoppage, it was announced that this type of action would be a possibility every time any interlocutor for Fetrabe, and/or the company itself, take any decision or measure that involves union members without negotiating those measures with the union.

Please see here the original news story in Spanish.


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