Ukraine: Coca-Cola workers hold a second picket in Kyiv in support of their wage increase demand

On July 10, 2020, Coca-Cola workers organized a second protest action at the factory gate near Kyiv. They organized the action to press their demands for a substantial wage increase.

During the rally, posters that protesters held read: "The price of a bottle has increased, but not the wages"; "We demand higher wages"; "For decent wages at Coca-Cola", "Wage increase is a fair demand", "Coca-Cola we're angry" and others.

Following the first protest action on June 18 2020, the IUF-affiliated Agro-Industrial Workers Union of Ukraine (AIWUU) sent a proposal to the company to start negotiations on July 2, 2020. However, the company again ignored AIWUU's demand for negotiations.

Coca-Cola workers in Ukraine are committed to continue their actions until the plant management agrees to meet and negotiate with them.


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