Indonesia: Coca-Cola Amatil continues to victimize members of independent unions

On September 9, 2020 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia suspended two members of an independent Coca-Cola union for not meeting sales targets. The two sales representatives, Riyadi, and Nursalam Jamil, were working in COVID-19 red zones where many shops are closed.

Coca-Cola Amatil is exploiting the COVID-19 conditions to target members of independent unions at Coca-Cola operations.  The company is using the at times unattainable target of meeting 75% of sales in a COVID-19 red zone as a means of terminating union members. Other non-union sales representatives who couldn't reach the totally unrealistic 75% sales target in an area where so many shops and businesses are closed have not been sanctioned.

The suspended sales representatives are members of the Serikat Buruh Coca-Cola Distribution (SBCCD) Union whose chairman Atra Narwanto was the first victimized leader in Coca-Cola Amatil's early efforts to destroy independent unions in 2016.

Lutfi Arifiyanto the chairman of another independent union, the Serikat Buruh Mandiri Coca-Cola (SBMCC), was terminated in 2017. Both leaders retain the confidence of their members and both have been subsequently re-elected. The Department of Labor has reaffirmed the status of these terminated union leaders as elected union representatives with the right to represent their members. Despite this Coca-Cola Amatil management refuses to allow these leaders to represent their members. That leaves victimized union members like Riyadi, and Nursalam Jamil without union representation. It also means that union members are denied their union's critical right at the height of the pandemic in Indonesia to discuss COVID-19 related issues and protect their health and safety at work.

The IUF calls on Coca-Cola Amatil management internationally and the Coca-Cola Company in the US to put an end to these blatantly anti-union practices by their Indonesian management.


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