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After several weeks of warning strikes German union NGG reaches a successful agreement

The IUF-affiliated German union NGG has been facing extensive restructuring with the closure of many Coca-Cola sites nationwide but even so more drinks are produced each year leading to an increase of productivity by employees of 13.5% from 2015 to 2016.

NGG: 5.7 percent wage increase and a comprehensive benefit package for Coca-Cola workers in Germany

On March 20 2015, the IUF-affiliated Food, Beverages and Catering Union (NGG) and Coca-Cola (CCE) AG have agreed a collective agreement package in the fourth round of negotiations. Nearly 10,000 employees at Germany's largest beverage company will benefit from the new pact, which includes regulations on wages and salaries, working time, part-time and job security.

Deutschland: NGG und CCEAG vor Tarifkonflikt?

„Die CCEAG hat ihre vorletzte Chance auf eine friedliche Lösung vertan“ – so kommentierte Claus-Harald Guester, der Verhandlungsführer der deutschen IUL-Mitgliedsgewerkschaft NGG in den Tarifgesprächen mit dem deutschen Coca-Cola-Bottler CCEAG, die mittlerweile siebte Tarifrunde zur Beschäftigungssicheru

Berlin: Coca-Cola-Beschäftigte protestieren vor der CCEAG-Zentrale

Ungefähr 1000 Demonstrantinnen und Demonstranten versammelten sich am 9.Mai am Brandeburger Tor und zogen zur Zentrale der CCEAG, dem Coca-Cola-Bottler in Deutschland.

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