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Coca-Cola Workers in Barnaul, Russia, organised into a union

At the end of april, workers at Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia in Barnaul in Siberia, Russia, formed a new trade union organisation. Its chairman became Alexei Simon, working already many years in the company as market development agent. 

Beschäftigte bei Multon (CC Hellenic, Russland) organisieren sich


Mehr als 100 Beschäftigte aus verschiedenen Abteilungen von ZAO "Multon", einem Tochterbetrieb der Coca-Cola Hellenic in Russland, haben sich gewerkschaftlich organisiert. Die neue Gewerkschaftsorganisation hat sich der Petersburger Regionalorganisation der Agrar- und Lebensmittelgewerkschaft Russlands (AIK) angeschlossen. 

Russian Coke Unions support the Charter against job destruction, join Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

Dec 1, 2008, a regular meeting of the Coordination Council of Russian Coca-Cola Unions (KoKS) was held. 

Coca-Cola Irkutsk: international negotiations ensure observance of trade union rights

Irkutsk Coca-Cola workers voting for IUF affiliation Although Coca-Cola, and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company in particular, declare their readiness to observe trade union rights, the formation of new union locals still sometimes meets difficulties due to local managements hostility. But this can be stopped.

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