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Precarious work, corporate integration, access to organizing and collective bargaining rights dominate latest IUF/Coca-Cola Atlanta meeting.

A team of IUF affiliates, led by IUF general secretary Ron Oswald met with senior labour relations management at Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta. The meeting is the latest in the twice-yearly meetings that take place between the IUF "Contact Group" of affiliates and the company. The process has been formally recognized in a Joint Statement re-signed earlier this year at Coca-Cola headquarters.

Atlanta: IUF delegation appreciates dialogue with company, raises Philippines, India, North America issues among others

During the spring session of the regular meetings between IUF and TCCC in Atlanta, the IUF delegation expressed appreciation for the ongoing constructive and open dialogue with TCCC.

Comprehensive Agreement Ends Long, Bitter Conflict at Coca-Cola Pakistan

An agreement negotiated between the IUF, the Atlanta, USA-based The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI, Coca-Cola's Turkey-based bottler for the Middle East, Pakistan and Central Asia), has successfully resolved a long and bitter conflict over employment and trade union rights at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan (CCBPL). CCBPL is jointly owned by TCCC and CCI.

Coca-Cola Workers Alliance calls for organising permanent and casual workers in the soft drinks sector

"FAWU members and ABI workers' demands for quality and permanent jobs to be retained and expanded are reasonable and noble (…) We demand from ABI Management to engage in sincere and genuine negotiations with FAWU with a view to concluding an agreement on issues in dispute and to undertake not to victimize workers who were on strike and shop stewards for their union role during the strike after the strike is over”.

This was the position adopted by the second Coca-Cola Alliance Steering Committee meeting in a special resolution on the situation at SAB-owned ABI, a Coca-Cola bottler in South Africa, where workers were on strike for more than 7 weeks for better wages and against casual employment. The strike was subsequently settled February 9, 2010.

Die Allianz aufbauen - Flugblatt zum Download

Die Allianz der Coca-Cola-Beschäftigten hilft uns, uns zu organisieren, und gegen Verletzungen gewerkschaftlicher Rechte und prekäre Beschäftigung bei Coca-Cola weltweit zu kämpfen. 

Das Flugblatt erklärt die Idee der Allianz für KollegInnen am Arbeitsplatz und GewerkschaftsaktivistInnen und macht Vorschläge, wie wir die Allianz zusammen stärker machen können.
Das Flugblatt gibt es auf:





Coca-Cola Ireland support materials


SIPTU union members at Coca-Cola Ireland are asking for your solidarity action. Here are materials that can help to spread the word about the fight: 

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