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Tunisia: More agency workers regularised at Coca-Cola

Following the agreement to abolish agency work at the Coca-Cola bottler SFBT in Tunisia, IUF affiliate FGAT-UGTT now
reached agreement also in regard to merchandising workers previously
employed through Manpower by BST, the subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

Social revolt boosts struggle against casual employment at Coca-Cola Tunisia - union negotiates abolition of agency work

The mass revolt in Tunisia which drove Ben Ali from power has also
changed the balance of power within companies. Trade unions played a
crucial coordination and organizing role in the social upheaval.  At
Coca-Cola’s Tunisian bottler SFBT, unions have seized the opportunity to
negotiate an end to agency work and roll back the abusive use of
precarious employment contracts.

3000 join protest march in South Africa, while 76 workers remain in prison after 1 stone thrown

As part of intensifying the strike action at ABI Coke, COSATU General Secretary, Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi addressed a protest rally, following a march to SAB Ltd offices in Sandton, by striking workers of ABI Coke and workers of SAB beer and other Coca Cola bottling companies at 14h00 on 11th January 2010.

Massenverhaftung streikender FAWU-Mitglieder

Über 100 streikende Mitglieder von FAWU sind am 5. und 6. Januar in Midland und Develand, Südafrika, festgenommen worden. Die ArbeiterInnen sind seit 22. Dezember im Streik für bessere Löhne, bessere Schichtpläne, und gegen die Zunahme von Outsourcing und Leiharbeit bei ABI, der Erfrischungsgetränke-Division von SAB Ltd Südafrika.  

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