APL Youth Lambasts Coca-Cola Company for Killing Regular Jobs


Today, on the occasion of the International Youth Day, the Alliance of Progressive Labor-Youth (APL-Youth) lambasted the Coca-Cola Company for destroying jobs.

"Coca-Cola is lying. Coke does not open happiness, it promotes misery for its workers whose lives are destroyed by the company’s continuing policy to promote contractual jobs", Marco Gojol, APL-Youth Secretary General said. "This, despite the windfall profits they generate not only in the country but around the world", Gojol added.

In simultaneous actions around the country, members of the APL-Youth unfurled banners saying, "Coca-Cola Kills Regular Jobs!" These actions were held in front of the company’s billboards or in plazas in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Naga, Cebu, Cotabato, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos and Davao.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola's net income is $2.8 billion as of 29 June 2012. In the Philippines, it is among the Top 100 Philippine corporations and remains as the biggest soft drink company in the country. It is now the company’s 10th largest market in the world in terms of sales volume. A top executive of the company was reported to have said that the company is expecetd to "grow faster than the economy" this year.

"Coca-Cola manages to continue increasing its profits by whittling down its workforce," Gojol declared. The Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. (CCBP) today employs approximately 7,000 workers nationwide. This 58% less than the 12,000 workers it employed more than 10 years ago. "Coke is very inventive in finding ways of exploiting its workforce more and more," Gojol added.

The youth activists enumerated how the company systematically replaces regular jobs with contractual workers. Apart from promoting early retirement program, the company is also aggressively outsourcing many of its jobs. Its more recent effort is promoting an attrition program called 3Ps/P3s or Performance, Participation and Presence. In this system,regular workers would surely lose their security of tenure as soon as they fail to meet imposible standards established by the company, raising therefore a spectre of job insecurity for today's youth.

The APL-Youth action is part of its ongoing campaign against precarious work which impacts on young workers. In previous years, APL-youth has criticized McDonald’s and Shoemart for promoting contractualization and other forms of precarious work.

APL-Youth is the youth arm of the Alliance of Progressive Labor, a national labor center composed of various workers’ organizations in the private, informal and migrant sectors. APL-Youth includes community-based and school-based youth organizations. It aims to unite and empower the youth sector and to link them with the labor movement and the broader social movement.



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