Coca-Cola FEMSA workers to vote on new profit share proposals

After manufacturers Spal - Indústria Brasileira de Bebidas SA presented new figures to the unions, the National Confederation of Food and Allied Workers (CNTA Afins) has convened a meeting with the unions involved to decide on the proposal.
Spal - Indústria Brasileira de Bebidas SA, a subsidiary of the FEMSA group in Brazil, gave in to the threatened strike by nearly 15,000 workers and presented new profit share proposals to unions in the states of Minas Gerais (MG), São Paulo (SP) and Mato Grosso do Sul (MS). The new figures, which represent around 70% of the average wage of workers (approximately R$1,700 per month) are to be voted on from next week. The National Confederation of Food and Allied Workers (CNTA Afins) welcomes the improvement on the previously rejected proposal of 25%, but says that the final decision on the proposal will be taken by those workers actively employed by FEMSA. Action will continue with the aim of ensuring greater transparency and the setting of realistic targets in the process for 2013. The organisation also sees the creation of a national secretariat for the drinks industry as a way of strengthening and stepping up union activity in the sector. Representatives will be named at the CNTA Afins First National Food Secretariat Conference to be held from 4-6 March, in Recife, Pernambuco.

According to the president of CNTA Afins, Artur Bueno de Camargo, a meeting between the confederation and the unions involved took place on Monday (11/2), the deadline for Coca-Cola FEMSA to make a proposal, in order to consider the new profit sharing amounts to be paid to workers, and the revision of the 2013 process, with payment to be made in the following year.

"Our united front and rejection of the position of FEMSA's representatives, indicated by their proposal to pay a profit share of only 25% of wages in 2012, has paid off. The group has shifted its position and presented a new proposal which will affect around 70% of each worker's wage, and we have also won a commitment to discuss changes to the process for negotiating with the unions in 2013. The proposal will need to be presented by unions to their workers and the result then communicated to the confederation", stated the CNTA Afins president.


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