Coca-Cola Ukraine workers rally demanding negotiations

The IUF-affiliated Agro-Industrial Workers' Union of Ukraine (AIWU Ukraine) is facing consistent refusal by Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine owned by Coca-Cola Hellenic Group to start negotiations for a collective agreement.

The existing collective agreement has been in effect since 2010 and requires changes and additions and does not comply with the norms of the general and industrial agreements.

AIWU Ukraine initiated the negotiations for a new collective agreement on June 22, 2017. The first round was planned for July 3, 2017, but the company avoided the start of negotiations. The union again sent a request to the CEO to start negotiations on July 13, 2017. However, the employer once again did not show up.

On August 7-8, 2017, the demands of AIWU Ukraine were supported by the industry workers unions. About 30  unions of the food industry sent letters to Coca-Cola Ukraine demanding respect for workers' rights to negotiate.

On August 9, members of AIWU Ukraine at Coca-Cola Kyiv plant held a rally at the plant entrance in support of their demands. More than 30 people took part in the rally holding posters read "Negotiations are our right", "Trade union is us", "The collective agreement for all", "Coca-Cola + trade union = negotiations".


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