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After several weeks of warning strikes German union NGG reaches a successful agreement

The IUF-affiliated German union NGG has been facing extensive restructuring with the closure of many Coca-Cola sites nationwide but even so more drinks are produced each year leading to an increase of productivity by employees of 13.5% from 2015 to 2016.

New Coca-Cola CEO Quincey responds to poor results

James Quincey becomes the new CEO of The Coca-Cola Company on May 1, 2017. In this interview he talks of the sharp sell off of significant chunks of its bottling operations that will drop the company's global direct workforce down to 40,000 or below. See the interview in full by clicking here.

Coca-Cola union in Bolivia joins the IUF

Bolivian bottling Unidas SA (Embol), which owns the franchise of Coca Cola in Bolivia, has four plants in the districts of La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz. During the 5th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the IUF Latin American Federation of Coca Cola (FELATRAC), which took place in Santo Domingo, the Union of Santa Cruz Embol officially decided to join the IUF and FELATRAC.

En el boletín de Coca-Cola de la UITA y EFFAT figuran reestructuras, cierre de plantas y huelgas

Plan de reestructura inválido en España, huelga en Portugal, un convenio exitoso en Alemania y más noticias de Europa en el primer boletín de Coca-Cola de UITA-EFFAT.

The commitment of Brazilian Coca-Cola workers for unity

IUF affiliated National Confederation of Food Industry and Allied Workers Unions (CNTA Afins) convened unions and federations of Coca Cola workers in Brazil to discuss working conditions and wages in the sector on March 15, 2015 in São Paulo. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the pay and conditions of Coca-Cola workers at a national level.

Solidaridad con los trabajadores despedidos por Coca-Cola Marruecos

Solidaridad con los trabajadores despedidos por Coca-Cola Marruecos

Ben Malouk Hassan, un técnico que trabajó durante 17 años en la planta embotelladora de Coca-Cola, ubicada en Marrakesh, fue despedido de forma injustificada el 2 de agosto de 2012, por participar en actividades del sindicato.

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