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Workplaces within Coke

Hi One and all,

I was just curious as to what conditions some of the other Unions within the Coke industry are like.

Let's build the Alliance - leaflet for download

The Coca-Cola Workers Alliance is our tool to organise, fight union rights violations and casualisation at Coca-Cola operations worldwide.

This leaflet explains the idea of the Alliance to comrades at work and other union activists and proposes how we can build the Alliance together. 

You can download the leaflet in






Coca-Cola Ireland support materials


SIPTU union members at Coca-Cola Ireland are asking for your solidarity action. Here are materials that can help to spread the word about the fight: 

Unidos contra la destrucción del empleo y las tercerizaciones en Coca Cola

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Cómo usar la “Plataforma de demandas contra la destrucción del empleo” de la Alianza Mundial de Trabajadores de Coca Cola:

(Descargar este folleto)

El Derecho a Saber

Uno de los desafíos que las organizaciones sindicales deben enfrentar en las compañías transnacionales es la falta de información sobre la situación financiera de la empresa y sus proyectos comerciales a nivel local, nacional y global. Sin esas informaciones los sindicatos enfrentan una desventaja seria durante las negociaciones.

The charter of demands against job destruction

Outsourcing, casualisation and job destruction are among the most urgent issues that unions at Coca-Cola across the globe face.

The Coca-Cola Workers Global Alliance stands for a joint set of demands in order to stop the abuse of casual employment in the Coca-Cola system. 

You can download the Charter of demands in pdf format here: 

Manual for this website added - Es, En, De

August 19, 2008. We have added a manual which describes in detail how to use all parts of this website in English and Spanish and German. Other languages will follow soon.

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Fight outsourcing and job destruction!