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Manual for this website added - Es, En, De

August 19, 2008. We have added a manual which describes in detail how to use all parts of this website in English and Spanish and German. Other languages will follow soon.

IUF manual on casualisation and outsourcing - downloads

You can download the IUF manual on outsourcing and casualisation in the food and beverage industry in different languages by clicking on the respective link (All documents are in pdf format. The text is the same, different file sizes come from layouted and pure text variants for easier download):

SABMiller, Pepsico y Coca Cola imponen jornadas extensas de trabajo

EL Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria de las Bebidas y Similares (STIBYS) ha comenzado una campaña de denuncia y sensibilización sobre los efectos y consecuencias de las jornadas extensas de trabajo que imponen SABMiller, Pepsico y Coca Cola, y que a menudo llegan a las 16 horas diarias. Sirel dialogó con Carlos Reyes, presidente de la Junta Directiva Central del STIBYS, para conocer más sobre esa campaña y sus antecedentes.Más información en Rel-Uita.

Joint IUF/Coca-Cola declaration in different languages

In March 2005, a first joint declaration between the IUF and Coca-Cola was signed, confirming the company`s obligation to ensure observance of basic trade union rights in the Coca-Cola system, and designing a mechanism to monitor observance of this obligation. Click on "read more" to find the text of the joint declaration in different languages.

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