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After several weeks of warning strikes German union NGG reaches a successful agreement

The IUF-affiliated German union NGG has been facing extensive restructuring with the closure of many Coca-Cola sites nationwide but even so more drinks are produced each year leading to an increase of productivity by employees of 13.5% from 2015 to 2016.

NGG: 5.7 percent wage increase and a comprehensive benefit package for Coca-Cola workers in Germany

On March 20 2015, the IUF-affiliated Food, Beverages and Catering Union (NGG) and Coca-Cola (CCE) AG have agreed a collective agreement package in the fourth round of negotiations. Nearly 10,000 employees at Germany's largest beverage company will benefit from the new pact, which includes regulations on wages and salaries, working time, part-time and job security.

Triunfo de NGG y la estabilidad laboral

Después de duras negociaciones, el Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Alimentación y la Gastronomía de Alemania (NGG),alcanzó a un acuerdo con la principal productora de refrescos de Alemania, la embotelladora de Coca Cola CCEAG.

Alemania - Coca Cola: ¡No nos van a llevar como borregos al matadero!

CCEAG perdió la penúltima oportunidad de arribar una solución pacífica -- declaró Claus-Harald Guester, Vicepresidente del Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Alimentación y la Gastronomía de Alemania (NGG), afiliada a la UITA, y principal integrante del grupo de negociación con CCEAG, embotelladora alemana de Coca Cola, después de la séptima ronda de negociaciones sobre estabilidad laboral en Coca Cola Alemania.

2000 protest planned Coca-Cola plant closures in Germany

Feb. 14, 2009, workers, the local community, and politicians protested jointly in order to save the Coca-Cola production plant in Kaiserslauntern, Germany. 

"We were expecting  about 1000 people, but nobody figured there would be 2000 people turning out in solidarity with the Coca-Cola workers in Kaiserslautern, said Holger Winkow, regional representative of IUF affiliate NGG representing the workers at the protest meeting. 

protest action

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