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Guatemala: Workers occupy the distribution center following illegal dismissals by Coca-Cola FEMSA

The Central Bottling Company S.A. (EMBOCEN), the subsidiary of Coca Cola FEMSA in Guatemala, unilaterally decided to close the Jalapa distribution center, outsource the distribution of Coca-Cola products under a presales model and dismiss all workers on October 3, 2016.

Guatemala: STECSA and FEMSA sign new collective bargaining agreement

On the night of March 3, after 14 months of difficult negotiations and a suspension of nearly five months of negotiations, the Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) and Coca Cola FEMSA reached an agreement and signed the new collective bargaining agreement that will be valid for two years.

Guatemala: Coca-Cola workers in all plants now 100% unionised

Guatemala workers have proudly featured in the history of struggle between IUF members and The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) going back to the 1980's. Until recently of the three Coca-Cola bottling plants in the country, only one had built solid recognition from FEMSA the Coca-Cola Latin American bottler. The other two plants were owned and operated by the Schutt family and workers there faced hostility and repression when exercising their basic rights. One of these two plants was unionised but under constant pressure and the other was non-union with all efforts to offer union membership to workers there met with forceful hostility from management.

STECSA y STIBYS suman esfuerzos ante los respectivos procesos de negociación colectiva

Directivos del Sindicato de Trabajadores de Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) y del Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria de la Bebida y Similares (STIBYS), se reunieron en Guatemala para intercambiar informaciones y consolidar la unidad y apoyo mutuo, entre organizaciones sindicales que están en plena negociación colectiva con Coca-Cola.

Guatemala: Se recorta la tercerización en Embotelladora Central

Una Campaña del Sindicato de Trabajadores de Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA), tiene por objetivo disminuir al mínimo la tercerización.

Recientemente una exitosa negociación logró efectivizar a 35 trabajadores del sector bodega que, junto a talleres industriales y de mantenimiento, son las áreas con mayor número de plazas tercerizadas. 

Guatemala: Se firmó Pacto Colectivo entre SITINCA y Coca Cola

El Sindicato de Trabajadores de Industrias de Café S.A. (SITINCA) y la gerencia de Coca Cola en Retalhuleu, firmaron un nuevo Pacto Colectivo. Sirel conversó con Augusto Salazar, secretario general del Sindicato y miembro de la comisión negociadora. Léer la entrevista aquí.

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