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working time

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Coca-Cola workers union in Bolivia affiliates with the IUF

Embotelladoras Bolivianas Unidas SA (Embol), the Coca Cola franchise in Bolivia, has four plants in the districts of La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz . Roberto Baigorria , Secretary General of the Union Embol in Santa Cruz, told the IUF Latin America region that out of nearly 900 employees, 400 are unionized and they are looking forward to the affiliation with the IUF and the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola workers(FELATRAC).

2 weeks of nationwide warning strikes at Coca-Cola Germany to stop job cuts

Thousands of workers from Germany`s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola (CCE AG) organized by IUF affiliated NGG will be staging 2 weeks of warning strikes at about 60 sites of Coca-Cola in Germany against the company`s plan over restructuring, job cuts and more flexible working hours.

Coca-Cola China violates agency workers' rights, students report says

According to a research report released by Chinese students, Coca-Cola China grossly violates the rights of agency workers in its operations.

Honduras: SABMiller, Pepsico and Coca Cola impose extensive working hours

The Union of Beverage Workers (STIBYS) has started a campaign to complain against and raise awareness about the effects and consequences of the extensive working hours of up to 16 hours per day imposed by SABMiller, Pepsico and Coca Cola. SIREL spoke with the president of the national union board, Carlos Reyes, to get a better understanding of the campaign and its background. Read the interview at the REL-Uita website.

SABMiller, Pepsico y Coca Cola imponen jornadas extensas de trabajo

EL Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria de las Bebidas y Similares (STIBYS) ha comenzado una campaña de denuncia y sensibilización sobre los efectos y consecuencias de las jornadas extensas de trabajo que imponen SABMiller, Pepsico y Coca Cola, y que a menudo llegan a las 16 horas diarias. Sirel dialogó con Carlos Reyes, presidente de la Junta Directiva Central del STIBYS, para conocer más sobre esa campaña y sus antecedentes.Más información en Rel-Uita.

SABMiller, Pepsico e Coca-Cola impõem extensas jornadas de trabalho

O Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Indústria das Bebidas e Similares (STIBYS) começou uma campanha de denúncia e sensibilização sobre os efeitos e as conseqüências das extensas jornadas de trabalho impostas pela SABMiller, Pepsico e Coca-Cola, e que geralmente chegam a 16 horas diárias. Sirel dialogou com Carlos Reyes, presidente da Junta Diretora Central do STIBYS, para conhecer mais sobre essa campanha e seus antecedentes. Leia a matéria completa

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Fight outsourcing and job destruction!

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