Russian Coke Unions support the Charter against job destruction, join Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

Dec 1, 2008, a regular meeting of the Coordination Council of Russian Coca-Cola Unions (KoKS) was held. 

At the meeting, the Russian trade union organisations in Coca-Cola system unanimously took the decision, to support and joint the Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance. 

Trade union representatives also decided to support the Global Alliance  Charter against outsourcing and job destruction, hand it in to management at their respective plants, and use it in their future activities.

The meeting also discussed other question of concern to workers. These included more general topics like the current global financial crisis,but also concrete local questions of interest  to workers in the Russian plants.

In the course of the discussion, KoKS members  decided to take action on the following issues:

First, increasing membership in the already organised plants 

Second, to support the formation of plant level union organisations at other Coca-Cola Russia plants. 

Third, to demand improvements in the quality of food in the Coca-Cola canteens and an increase in lunch subsidies for workers. While this question might seem less crucial as compared to the first two, however, rank and file workers have a serious concern about the quality of their life, including food. 

The meeting closed with summarising results and decisions taken.

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