New union formed at Coca-Cola Hellenic Subsidiary "Multon" in St. Petersburg

More than 100 workers from different departments of ZAO "Multon", one the subsidiaries of Coca-Cola Hellenic in Russia, have united into a union. The new union local joined the St. Petersburg regional organisation of the Agro-Industrial Workers Union of Russia (AIWU).

Gennadiy Egorov,  the  elected chairman of the new local, said:  "We formed the union in order to make management take all their  decision in accordance with Russian Labour Law, and in order not to allow unjustified redundancies and lowering of wages under the pretext of the global financial crisis".

The union has now started to monitor the situation at the plant closely and is planning training of activists. Already now, although without much preparation, the leaders of the trade union organisation are involved into complex negotiations on a number of questions. 

The new trade union local has already build contact with the trade union at the Coca-Cola plant in St Petersburg and has been reassured of that locals support in order to jointly solve common problems. 

The IUF welcomes the decision of the  Multon workers to unite and protect their rights jointly, and expresses it support and solidarity with their fight. 

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