Coca-Cola wades into milk business with 'Fairlife' and expects to rain money!

Big soda companies have already gotten into the water business and the juice business. Now Coca-Cola is expanding into the milk business with a new product that it's claiming is more nutritious than regular milk but will cost twice as much.

Fairlife is slated to be released in the U.S. in December and contains twice the protein and calcium of regular milk, with half the sugars of regular milk. The product will be available in three varieties: 2%, skim and chocolate.

Coca-Cola produces its dairy products in partnership with dairy firm Select Milk Producers. The two companies teamed up in 2012 to form Fair Oaks Farms Brands, which controls the Core Power protein milk shake brand.

Coca-Cola intends to invest in dairy for the long term and the company thinks that the milk category can "rain money" if handled correctly, although not in the short-term.


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