European Coca-Cola Unions stand with Coca-Cola Amatil workers in Indonesia

IUF affiliates attending IUF European region EFFAT's meeting of union representatives at Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) met in Madrid recently and organized a visit to CCEP Fuenlabrada plant as part of ongoing protests against CCEP's attack on decent jobs in Spain. Affiliates at the meeting were informed about Coca-Cola Amatil's (CCA) attack on independent unions and their elected leaders in Indonesia and joined IUF affiliates around the world in expressing support for IUF members in Indonesia and condemning CCA for its direct attacks on fundamental human rights.

IUF's affiliates organized at CCEP operations called on TCCC and CCA to restore the rights of victimized trade union leaders Atra and Lutfi and fully recognize the independent, democratic trade unions at CCA Indonesia that workers have recently formed.


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