Coca-Cola Christmas Truck met with protests in UK

Members of IUF-affiliated Unite The Union and the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) greeted the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck promotion in Milton Keynes with protests and "Zero Rights" campaign material for distribution to the public on December 15.

Whilst event organizers did not appreciate the protestors IUF affiliates report that the public in Milton Keynes were very supportive and interested to hear about the way Coca-Cola's bottler Amatil is treating its workforce in Indonesia.

For almost two hours protestors spread the 'Zero Rights' campaign message across the entire Christmas Truck site. Unite Community Indonesia solidarity leaflets were handed out to families as they queued for the truck whilst IUF members addressed the crowds about the importance of the rights involved and the truth behind the appalling treatment of Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia.

Protestors also put together a short video of the event, which is available on Youtube titled - 'Coca-Cola - Shame on you'.


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