Coca-Cola's Christmas Truck meets protests at prestigious Montreux Christmas Market

On Sunday December 17 Coca-Cola sent its massive Christmas Promotion Truck to spend the day at the Montreux Christmas Market, one of the most celebrated Christmas markets in Switzerland that draws crowds from across the country and beyond.

This year it was met with "Zero Rights" materials distributed to market patrons by protestors pointing to Coca-Cola Australian bottler Amatil's attacks on the human rights of its workers in Indonesia.

Hundreds of Zero Rights leaflets were passed to visitors at the market eliciting questions from market patrons about why the protest was happening. In general the Zero Rights message got a sympathetic reception from people with many of them still clutching their Zero Rights leaflets as their children queued to sit on Coca-Cola's Santa's lap. The contrast between the spirit of Christmas engendered by the Coca-Cola paraphernalia and the harsh treatment dealt out to independent union leaders in Indonesia was not lost on the Montreux Christmas Market crowd.


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