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Guatemala: Outsourcing rolled back in Embotelladora Central

A campaign by IUF affiliate STECSA fights to reduce outsourcing in FEMSA-owned Coca-Cola bottler Embotelladora Central to a minimum. 

Uruguay: Coca-Cola union supports outsourced janitors

Cleaning workers at Coca-Cola in Uruguay were strongly supported and represented by the Union of Coca-Cola Workers (STCC). These workers have been outsourced by the multinational and currently are not members of the union. As a result a favourable agreement was signed.

Coca-Cola had changed the cleaning service provider in May 2011, replacing Adonis SRL with ISS SRL.

Nicaragua: collective bargaining success cuts number of precarious workers to half, increases salaries

On May 3, the Trade Union of Workers of the National Soft Drink Industry (SUT-INARSA), member of the executive commitee of the Latin American Coca-Cola Workers Federation FELATRAC, managed to successfully finalise the wage revision negotiations with Coca-Cola FEMSA, reaching an average wage increase of 7.42 percent. Lower paid categories of salaries were increased by up to 14%.

Tunisia: More agency workers regularised at Coca-Cola

Following the agreement to abolish agency work at the Coca-Cola bottler SFBT in Tunisia, IUF affiliate FGAT-UGTT now
reached agreement also in regard to merchandising workers previously
employed through Manpower by BST, the subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

Pakistan: Improving knowledge - improving bargaining power

IUF Pakistan and the National Federation of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Workers (NFFBTW) held a five-day leadership training program in Karachi on 6-10 December 2010 under the theme “Improving knowledge-improving bargaining power”. The training focused on developing skills for a new generation of union leaders.

La révolte sociale renforce la lutte contre l’emploi précaire chez Coca-Cola en Tunisie – le syndicat négocie l’abolition du travail d’agence

La révolte populaire en Tunisie, qui a entraîné la chute de Ben Ali, a
aussi modifié l’équilibre du pouvoir au sein des entreprises. Les
organisations syndicales ont joué un rôle crucial dans la coordination
et l’organisation du bouleversement de l’ordre social. Chez
l’embouteilleur tunisien de Coca-Cola, SFBT, les syndicats ont profité

Uruguay: STCC begins mass mobilisation at Coca-Cola

Workers at Coca-Cola in Uruguay have started to mobilise against neglect of their union, STCC, by the company, and the bad faith the company has shown during collective bargaining. In a mass assembly during a strike October 15, attended by some 400 workers, it was decided to enter into preconflict mode and hold a series of mass rallies.

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