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Now - the milk wars? In Panama, Coca-Cola enters the dairy market

Just a few month after PepsiCo made headlines with the purchase of Russian dairy giant Wimm-Bill-Dann (WBD), Coca-Cola bottler FEMSA followed suit, purchasing
Grupo Industrias Lacteas, a leading dairy and juice company in Panama.

Arca and Grupo Continental are merging - Ever less players in the global beverage market.

In the last 20 years, the beverage sector is one of the most dynamic
in food processing, constantly shaken up by mergers, strategic alliances
and mega-acquisitions. A sector in which a few major transnationals
have an ever bigger share of the world market. 

Nicaragua: Union warns restructuring without proper consultation will create unrest

Sudden restructuring of sales routes has been announced by Nacional Refrescos SA, Coca-Cola bottlers in Nicaragua, owned by FEMSA.

Teamsters demand independent board chair at TCCC

(WASHINGTON) The International Brotherhood of Teamsters today asked shareholders of The Coca-Cola Company [NYSE: KO] to support the union’s proposal for an independent board chairman at Coca-Cola’s upcoming annual meeting on April 21 in Duluth, Ga.

Coca Cola numbers

Despite the global economic crisis, Coca-Cola completed another successful business year in 2009. Enildo Iglesias looked at the numbers and commented on the results. See the full article on REL-UITA.

CCH buys back its own shares

April 27, Coca-Cola Hellenic’s extraordinary shareholder meeting decided to approve a share buy back of up to 5% of the company’s shares (see CCH press release). At a range of share prices between 1 and 20 Euros, this will potentially lead to spending on the purchase of its own shares between 18,3 mln and 380 mln Euros.

Sondage: La crise financière mondiale frappera-t-elle les travailleurs/euses de Coke?

La crise financière mondiale ne touche pas uniquement les banques. Alors que les consommateurs/trices sont préoccupés à propos de leur épargne et que le monde des affaires manque d'accès au crédit, une récession mondiale est redoutée et pourrait mener à une baisse de la consommation, que peut creer des difficultés pour le commerce.

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