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Coca-Cola US Dunkin' Donuts deal breaks union contract, threatens jobs

Dunkin' Donuts announced a major deal with Coca-Cola on April 2, 2012. It would serve Coca-Cola products in more than 9,400 restaurants in the United States after ending its PepsiCo tie-up. The employees of Coca-Cola Refreshments (Coca-Cola's North American bottling operation) organized in the IUF affiliated Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU-UFCW) hoped that this would result in hiring more.  

Coca-Cola Norvège: Le changement en bouteilles jetables coûte 500 emplois

Le 1O février, les entreprises coca-cola ont annoncé qu’ils ne vont plus utiliser le système de recyclage de leurs bouteilles en plastiques, mais utiliseront les bouteilles jetables pour  l’embouteillage de leurs produits en Norvège. L’affilié de l’UITA, l’Association Norvégienne des travailleurs de l’alimentation et des branches connexes (NNN) est très déconcertée par cette décision prise à Atlanta laquelle va conduire à la suppression de presque 500 emplois employant des travailleurs syndiqués. Les responsables syndicaux ont mené des négociations avec l’employeur  à ce sujet et ont fermement marqué leur opposition à ce changement.

Coca-Cola Hellenic to end production at 2 Greek units

Coca-Cola Hellenic , Coca-Cola's No.2 bottler worldwide, is to stop production at two of its five plants in Greece as part of cost cuts to deal with a protracted recession.

Poland: Coca-Cola factory in Lodz closes

January 25, Solidarnosc representatives signed an agreement with Coca-Cola Hellenic Polska about conditions of compensation for workers to be dismissed as a consequence of the plant closure in Lodz. Depending on seniority, workers will get between 3 and 10 monthly salaries of compensation plus a number of social benefits.

Uruguay: Coca-Cola union supports outsourced janitors

Cleaning workers at Coca-Cola in Uruguay were strongly supported and represented by the Union of Coca-Cola Workers (STCC). These workers have been outsourced by the multinational and currently are not members of the union. As a result a favourable agreement was signed.

Coca-Cola had changed the cleaning service provider in May 2011, replacing Adonis SRL with ISS SRL.

Unions from all over the world support CCE workers' protest on Oct. 27

Workers across the European operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises will embark on joint protest action October 27.

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