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European Trade Unions condemn Coca-Cola's aggressive attack on jobs and workers' rights

Please find here the declaration adopted by the EFFAT Coca-Cola Coordination Group on November 23,2013 in Antwerp during its Coca Cola Conference on working time&flexibility within the Coca Cola supply chain in Europe,
condemning Coca-Cola's aggressive attack on jobs and workers' rights in Europe.

Swaziland: Coca-Cola Abandons Swazi Farmers

Coca-Cola has denied that it intends to take any lead in protecting the rights of farmers and workers in Swaziland from land-grabbing.

This follows global reports that the international drinks company had promised to stop all business dealings with subsidiaries that were involved in land grabs, where land is taken from poor people in developing countries without their consent.

Coca-Cola, under its Swazi subsidiary Conco, produces drinks concentrate using sugar. It makes up as much as 40 percent of the Swaziland's gross domestic product (GDP), but it is said to be exempt from paying full taxes.

Pakistan: amid hardship and political turmoil a new union is born

A newly formed union at the Coca-Cola distribution centre in Peshawar, northern Pakistan, has won legal recognition and is the 9th union in the Coca-Cola system in Pakistan.

With genuine, independent unions in all 6 bottling plants and 3 distribution centres Coca-Cola Pakistan is nearly 100% unionized.

Coca-Cola vows to work with key sugar suppliers to respect community land rights

The Coca-Cola Company vowed to cooperate with key sugar suppliers Tate & Lyle Sugars, Trapiche and Bunge after 225.000 people signed petitions as part of Oxfam's campaign to get big food and beverage firms to respect community land rights- notably in regard to sugar, which along with soy and palm oil demands the most land for direct food production- and Coke has committed to system-wide change.

TCCC pledged to perform social and environmental assessments across its supply chain starting in critical sourcing regions like Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, India, South Africa and Thailand and also publicly reveal its biggest sugarcane suppliers.

Hong Kong: Swire Beverages workers strike over official recognition

Swire Beverages Employees General Union in Hong Kong staged a strike on October 3. Around two to three hundreds of drivers and helpers of the delivery team went on strike. This industrial action stopped the delivery schedule of more than one hundred cars and distribution of products affecting the customers of the Coca cola Company including McDonalds, Restaurants, Cafes etc. The union estimated that the Coca Cola Company lost nearly 100 million business that day.

There was a three-hour negotiation meeting initially between employer and employees but because it did not reach to any consensus, the union stayed overnight to continue the strike outside the production plant.

Strike at the Coca Cola Enterprises plant in Belgium

Coca-Cola Enterprises plant in GENT (Belgium) is on strike to protest against the unfair dismissal of a 54-year old technician.
The spontaneous initiative began with a 2-hour stoppage on October 9 afternoon shift and was continued for additional 2 hours during the night shift and is permanent since October 10 shift.

Philippines - Coca-Cola's P3 performance based program brings Open sadness for workers

When you open a bottle of Coke, the feeling should be "Open Happiness",but in reality, inside the Coca-Cola is misery of the employee so the slogan changes to "Open Sadness," said June of the San Fernando Coca-Cola Rank and File Union (Sacoru) in Pampanga.
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