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“We should take pride in being workers”

SUT-INARSA, of Coca-Cola FEMSA, holds general assembly.

On July 15, the Sole Union of Workers of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA), of Coca-Cola FEMSA, held a general assembly to inform its members of the progress made in the past year and the union’s financial situation. It also elected the governing committee for a new term.

SATRABECO trains for upcoming negotiation with Coca-Cola

negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement are set to begin, the members of the negotiating committee of the Autonomous Union of BEPENSA - Coca-Cola Workers (SATRABECO) participated in a Collective Bargaining Workshop organized by Bernabel Matos. SIREL spoke with the union’s general secretary, Linares Díaz, to learn more about this workshop.

Acordo na Coca Cola, São Paulo Brazil.

A gerência da Coca Cola em Marília (SP) melhorou sua proposta em vários pontos e se chegou hoje a um acordo satisfatório, segundo Wilson Vidoto, presidente do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Indústria da Alimentação de Marília (SITAM), informou ao SIREL.

Agreement in Coca-Cola Marília, São Paulo Brazil

The Coca-Cola Marília management (SP) bettered its offer in several points and a satisfactory agreement was reached with the workers, Wilson Vidoto, president of the Union of Marília Food Industry Workers (SITAM), told SIREL.

Imminent strike in Coca-Cola Marília, São Paulo

In an assembly held on June 5, the workers of the Coca-Cola factory in the São Paulo city of Marília voted against the company’s new wage offer, in negotiations that began in March of this year. The Union demanded that the company better its offer within 72 hours or workers would stop all activities next Sunday.

SUT-INARSA and Coca-Cola FEMSA begin collective bargaining negotiations

Strong expectations among workers, An interview with Daniel Reyes

On April 24, the Sole Union of Workers of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA) and Coca-Cola FEMSA launched direct negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

STECSA in permanent mobilization

Interview with David Morales, General Secretary of FESTRAS

The Union of Central Bottling Company SA (STECSA) has intensified its protest actions nationwide, demanding that Coca Cola FEMSA abandon its attitude to delay the negotiation of new collective bargaining agreement and remove measures that infringe on the acquired rights of workers.

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