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Coca-cola workers in Brazil launch national campaign for better wages and working conditions

The divergent wages paid by the same company in different states and those of different companies in the same state raise concern among beverage workers. The Food Industry Workers' National Confederation of Brazil (CNTA Afins) held a meeting on April 15, 2015 along with other union organizations in Sao Paulo to discuss wage and working conditions in the Coca-cola Company in Brazil.  On April 22, 2015 CNTA Afins announced the meeting's resolution containing a list of demands, such as the establishment of a wage floor equal to or higher than 1425 reais (around US$ 480), which is the highest salary payment for the beverage sector workers in Sao Paulo nowadays. The Coca-Cola Company in Brazil employs around 60 thousand direct workers and 600 thousand indirect workers.

The commitment of Brazilian Coca-Cola workers for unity

IUF affiliated National Confederation of Food Industry and Allied Workers Unions (CNTA Afins) convened unions and federations of Coca Cola workers in Brazil to discuss working conditions and wages in the sector on March 15, 2015 in São Paulo. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the pay and conditions of Coca-Cola workers at a national level.

Coca-Cola workers union in Bolivia affiliates with the IUF

Embotelladoras Bolivianas Unidas SA (Embol), the Coca Cola franchise in Bolivia, has four plants in the districts of La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz . Roberto Baigorria , Secretary General of the Union Embol in Santa Cruz, told the IUF Latin America region that out of nearly 900 employees, 400 are unionized and they are looking forward to the affiliation with the IUF and the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola workers(FELATRAC).

Unions in North and Western India unite to strengthen bargaining power

Following the success of the South India Coca-Cola Union Forum in 2011, a second regional forum covering North and Western India was launched on July 28. 

La Fusion des embouteilleurs et l'avenir de l'emploi en Espagne et au Japon et les questions des droits syndicaux au Guatemala marque la rencontre UITA / Coca-Cola d’Avril 2013 à Atlanta

Le Secrétariat de l’UITA avec les représentants des travailleurs de Coca-Cola en Espagne, au Japon, au Guatemala, en Argentine et aux USA ont rencontré la Direction des Relations de Travail de Coca-Cola au plus haut niveau au siège de la compagnie  à Atlanta pour les premières réunions semestrielles de 2013.

Atlanta: 1er Novembre. Rencontre UITA/TCCC sur la soustraitance notamment aux Philippines et au Guatemala

Lors des rencontres bi-annuelles récentes entre l'UITA et la TCCC à Atlanta, la délégation de l'UITA a appelé pour de futurs résultats concrêts pour le processus d'Atlanta  qui est maintenant bien établis. L'UITA a souligné que sans de résultats concrêts et positifs pour les travailleurs de coca-cola le processus deviendrait sans intérêts.

Bolivia: The labor movement boosts the prohibition of outsourcing by law

An interview with Ángel Asturizaga
Bolivia's labor movement is taking an active role in the reforms furthered by the government of President Evo Morales, contributing proposals with the aim of achieving real and significant changes in the working conditions of the country's labor force. One of the most urgent reforms is including an outsourcing prohibition in labor legislation.
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