Philippines: Supreme Court decision boosts legal cases against CCBPI's illegal dismissal of more than 900 union members

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc (CCBPI) had denied the right to regular employment to seven workers and their subsequent dismissal was deemed illegal. This has set a crucial precedent for 14 separate legal cases filed by unions affiliated to the IUF. Together these cases cover the illegal dismissal of more than 900 union members.

TCCC to sell 18 million shares in Coca-Cola Amatil to purchase stake in Coca-Cola Korea

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 09/28/07

Coke plans to sell part of its stake in Australian bottler Coca-Cola
Amatil to raise cash for new investments, the bottler announced

"Union-busting by installment" case goes to Supreme Court: 6 years of illegally replacing union members with contract workers

In July 2001 Coca-Cola Philippines
management issued an internal memo to all HR managers to freeze all
hiring of regular workers. That freeze continues today as literally
thousands of 5-month contract workers are rotated through the bottling
plants. This practice is now the subject of a Supreme Court Case, with
many more cases in the pipeline.

Free trade must be promoted, says Coke chief

Neville Isdell, chief executive of
Coca-Cola, has criticised corporate leaders for not speaking out
against protectionism, warning that the failure of big business to
convince politicians and public opinion of the benefits of free trade
will harm global growth and companies’ profits.

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