Paraguay: Successful new CBA for Coke workers

IUF affiliate, member of FELATRAC and the Coca-Cola Alliance SIAPAR, the trade union at Paraguay Refrescos SA (PARESA), the Coca-Cola bottler in Paraguay, signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement Sept. 25.

In an interview on the IUF's Latin American news service SIREL, Union president Pedro Gonzalez spoke about the negotiations and the new agreement (see the full interview on Sirel in English and in Spanish).

Gonzalez pointed out that the company had wanted to delay negotiations pointing to an unstable situation because of the global financial crisis.

The union then conducted a number of local protest actions including a general worker's meeting to discuss next steps, and setting up a tent in front of the factory gates to inform workers about the situation.

Finally Sept. 25 an agreement was reached including a 5% pay raise from February 2010, and benefit improvements, in particular improved child and sick leave benefits. The company also agreed to debt refinancing for workers indebted to thrid parties,and to a reduction in the working time of one hour per week.

The union expressed its full content with the achieved results.

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