3000 join protest march in South Africa, while 76 workers remain in prison after 1 stone thrown

As part of intensifying the strike action at ABI Coke, COSATU General Secretary, Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi addressed a protest rally, following a march to SAB Ltd offices in Sandton, by striking workers of ABI Coke and workers of SAB beer and other Coca Cola bottling companies at 14h00 on 11th January 2010. The protest march started at later then expected after an intervention by Zwelnzima Vavi to get it going, following questionable refusal of permission by Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

FAWU, in their press release underlined that about 2 700- 3 000 workers joined this rally and march, strongly criticizing declarations by ABI management who had claimed that only 600 joined. FAWU was also welcomed the sympathy strike by SAB beer plant workers in Gauteng where production was shut down on Monday.

FAWU strongly condemnen the Metro Police for initially denying FAWU the constitutionally entrenched right to stage a march based on one-sided arguments from ABI management, saying "they are traffic authorities for all residents and not a private army for big business.

The union still is still calling for the release of 76 ABI Develand workers, who were denied bail by a questionable decision of a magistrate who also remanded them in custody for an alleged single stone throw incident as made by police.

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