Panama: New collective agreement limits casualisation

In a difficult situation for Panama in general, the union of Coca-Cola workers, SITRAFCOREBGASCELIS, has been able to sign a new collective agreement making important progress.
The most important achievement in the agreement is a clause strictly limiting the use of agency labour: Under the new CBA, all permanent tasks must be performed by directly hired permanent workers. The use of third party labour is allowed only in extraordinary circumstances and maximum for a period of two months.

The union also achieved a pay increase of 4,5% for all wage categories, and established Sunday as the general rest day for all the workforce.

In the context of the massively contested Law No. 30 that threatens to massively deteriorate workers rights in Panama, the union succeeded in fixing working time regulations, dues check-off and other important points in the CBA regardless of the text of the law.
Read more on the Rel-UITA website (in Spanish).

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