CCE announces job cuts - workers in Gent walk out

Over 400 jobs could be hit by Coca-Cola Enterprises' Supply Chain Restructuring - On 22 September Coca-Cola Enterprises announced a major restructuring potentially effecting over 400 supply chain jobs across UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. There would be overall job losses, especially in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Additionally, many functions would cease to exist and new ones created, partly with more responsibility but a lesser job grade, potentially resulting in a loss of income for workers. 

Unions have responded strongly - with workers walking out in a spontaneous strike in Gent, Belgium, immediately following the announcement which received huge media attention in Belgium. Here, 14 workers are about to lose their job with the company saying they will not have alternative employment for them. 

Union representatives commented that workers were especially angry as this was the 8th consecutive restructuring measure and workers had no trust in management's assurance that this was the last one.